Winter Gardens

System MB-SG50

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MB-SG50 System Flat glass external surface without visible aluminium elements. From the outside this curtain wall looks like an unbroken glass fasade on which aluminium elements are not visible. The above effect can be achieved thanks to the use of most modern combination of glazing with aluminium profiles. This combination consists in gluing a pane to the frame with special structural silicone manufactured by "DOW CORNING" company, avoiding in this way the necessity to use traditional joining elements
High visual properties and low maintenance High visual properties combined with low maintenance are the result of external application of glass elements only,thus adding to the high degree of fasade rain self-cleaning .

System MB-WG60

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THE SYSTEM OF WINTER GARDENS MB-WG60 The system is to be applied in construction of winter gardens and other similar structures, such as conservatories, verandas or studios (hobby rooms). This type of construction aims at adding a new quality to the living space with natural light falling from above, which provides optimum lighting of the room and ensures proper climate of the inside.
The system of winter gardens has been designed while taking into account basic requirements of its user with regard to aesthetic properties of the facility. To enhance resistance of the roof there is an option of strengthening profiles with additional aluminium or steel elements. Rafters are joined with purlin profiles and hinge profiles leaned against the eaves beam and wall-mounted beam in cascades, which significantly facilities proper water drainage and enables efficient ventilation of the room.